3M Home Water Solutions

3M Home Water Solutions – Personal Care


Chlorine – Skin Tanning

 During shower heat opens the pores and allows the chlorine to seep into the skin. This chlorine as long been known for its skin darkening properties.


Dry Skin & wrinkles

 Hard water not only clogs the skin pores but removes essential oils. This causes dry and itchy skin  leading to premature aging (wrinkles).


Hair fall

 Hard water leaves residue on hair making it look dull and limp, leading to hair fall.

3M Home Water Solutions

3M Home Solutions offer two models for treating Chlorine Taste & Odour (CTO) problems
These can be customized to provide additional treatment for scale build up.

3M Home Water Solutions – Kitchen & Bath


Clogged Shower

Sediments and scales are the enemies of any faucet/shower head. They cause clogging and scaling


Scaled dishes

The minerals in hard water, such as calcium and magnesium, cause unsightly stains on dishes. The lime scaling hardens with time, making it difficult to remove.


Rusted Sinks/baths

Hard water causes scale and lime to build up on sinks, forming an ugly crust. The concentration of dissolved minerals can pit and eat into the sinks causing permanent damage.

3M Home Solutions offer a range of designer series automatic softeners for giving you a soft water experience like no other. The Backwash systems can be installed to rid your home of even the coarsest of sediments.

3M Home Water Solutions – Appliances


Decreases the life of the machines & of the clothes

Certain minerals in the hard water interact with the soap or detergent, making them ineffective. The washing of such clothes becomes ineffective.


Increases power bills & maintenance costs

Hard water forms a layer of scale build-up in the Geyser tanks and electrical elements. The scale build up reduces heat transfer and increases power consumption. The scale build-up may increase energy bills by up to 25% .

3M Home Solutions offer treatment not just for your entire house but for specific appliances such as washing machine, dishwasher (etc) too.The models below can be used individually or in combination.

3M Home Water Solutions – Bathing Experience

Bathing experience is less effective

Hard water contains dissolved impurities and minerals which may cause itchy scalps and flakiness of the skin.Advanced water filtration & treatment procedures makes water softer which lathers great with soap and foams better with the shampoo.

3M Home Solutions offer a range of designer series automatic softeners for giving you a soft water experience like no other.Experience superior bathing experience with 3M solutions.

3M Home Water Solutions – Drinking Water System

Activated Carbon Based Drinking Water Purification System

Tap water may contain a variety of impurities which make it unsuitable for drinking. It is essential to treat this water while retaining essential minerals, remove the harmful bacteria, dirt, rust and other sediments etc.

3M Home Solutions offer drinking water systems based on IMPACT technology with superior filtration capabilities.This model comes with a dedicated drinking water faucet and designer LED cartridge change indicator for ease of use.

3M Home Water Solutions


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